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What is better for cabinets MDF or plywood

What is better for cabinets MDF or plywood?

Which Is Better for Cabinets: MDF or Plywood?

There are numerous materials that can be used for cabinet making, but there is a specific order in which they should be used. When it comes to door panels, MDF and particle board are good options for painting, but they are not strong enough for interior or exterior use. Plywood is the strongest option, but it should only be used on exterior doors because it can warp when used inside.

What exactly is MDF?

MDF is an engineered wood product made from heat-pressed wood fibers. It has a smooth surface and is denser than plywood, making it ideal for painting or veneering. MDF is also moisture-resistant, making it ideal for humid environments such as bathrooms or kitchens.

What exactly is Plywood?

Regarding cabinets, plywood is frequently a better option than MDF. This is why:

Plywood is a more robust and long-lasting material than MDF. It is less likely to warp or dent and can withstand more abuse.

Plywood is also a more stable material, which means it will expand and contract less with changes in temperature or humidity. This makes it ideal for use in kitchens and bathrooms, both of which have these conditions.

Because it is made from renewable wood products, plywood is also a more environmentally friendly option than MDF. On the other hand, MDF is made from petroleum-based chemicals and formaldehyde, both of which can off-gas into the environment and potentially cause health issues.

Each has advantages and disadvantages.


-Les expensive than plywood
-Sturdy and long-lasting
-Can be painted or stained
-Resists warping and moisture damage


-Costs more than MDF
-Is lightweight and easy to work with
-Has a natural wood grain appearance
-Is a good choice for cabinets that will be exposed to moisture

Which Is Best for Cabinets?

MDF and plywood are two of the most common cabinet materials. But which one is better?

MDF is made of wood fibers glued together under high pressure and heat. It’s a tough material, but it’s also quite heavy. Furthermore, because it is made of wood fibers, it can swell and warp when wet.

Plywood is made by gluing together thin layers of wood. It is lighter than MDF but not as strong. When wet, plywood can also swell and warp.

So, which is preferable for cabinets? MDF is the material to use if you need strength and durability. However, if you want something lighter, plywood might be a better option.

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