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How long are Wren kitchens guaranteed for

How long are Wren kitchens guaranteed for?

Wren: The World’s Longest-Lasting Kitchen Doors

When it comes to new kitchens, Wren is the company that will last as long as you need it to. Wren is your one-stop kitchen shop, with their long-lasting doors and cabinets that are guaranteed for 25 years.

Why is Wren Kitchen Doors so durable?

Because of their high-quality construction, Wren kitchen doors last longer than most. The majority of Wren door hinges are made of heavy-gauge steel, and the frames are made of solid wood. These materials contribute to the doors remaining sturdy and in good condition for many years. Wren also employs a special type of adhesive that aids in the preservation of the door’s finish.

How long is the warranty on Wren kitchen doors?

Wren kitchen doors have a lifetime warranty! That is, if there is ever a problem with the door or if it malfunctions in any way, we will come out and fix or replace it at no cost. This policy does not apply only to our kitchen doors; all of our products are guaranteed for life. We want you to be confident that you are receiving the highest quality products possible, which is why we stand behind them 100%.

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