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Can you cancel Wren Kitchen

Can you cancel Wren Kitchen?

Is It Possible to Cancel a Wren Kitchen Order?

The answer to whether or not you can cancel a Wren Kitchen order is yes. You have 28 days to return or cancel your order before it ships, or you will be charged in full.

There are a few things you should know if you decide to cancel your order with Wren Kitchen. First and foremost, if you ordered from Wren Kitchen and have not yet received your order, please contact the restaurant directly. Wren Kitchen will work to get your order to you as soon as possible after being contacted. If you have already received your Wren Kitchen order, there is nothing you can do to change or cancel it.

Canceling an Order

If you decide not to receive your Wren Kitchen order for any reason, there are a few simple steps to take. First, contact Wren Kitchen customer service. They will be able to assist you in canceling your order and refunding any money paid. Furthermore, if you have received your order and wish to return it, please contact Wren Kitchen customer service, who will gladly process a return for you.

Why does it take over a month to cancel an order?

Canceling an order can be a pain if done incorrectly. Before canceling an order, keep the following points in mind:

-It has already been processed and shipped.

-The Wren Kitchen team is currently reviewing the order.

-A specific supplier or manufacturer has been contacted.


If you want to change or cancel your order, you must do so at least 28 days before delivery, when the remaining balance is also due. If you sign the contract and there are less than 28 days until delivery, you cannot cancel your order.



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